COV-STRIKA 99.7% is the first COVID-19 Vaccine made available to the public, formulated, developed, and tested by MEdcalinkO Researchers. Since the outbreak of the deadly pandemic; CoronaVirus Disease in 2019 (COVID-19), our expert researchers have been on a deep scientific research journey, and finally returned with a curable solution for the CoronaVirus Disease.

The COV-STRIKA 99.7% solution consist of 36 basic chemical elements, plus a wide range of health benefits.. but not limited to; carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen incremental boost.

When the COV-STRIKA 99.7% is administered to a COVID-19 positive tested patient, it takes up to 24 hours for proper chemical propagation into a patient’s immune system for the COV2 shot to work effectively in a living organism. In living organisms the most abundant elements are carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. These three elements along with nitrogen, phosphorus, and a handful of other elements account for the vast majority of healthy living matter. An atom is one single unit of a chemical element.

We currently have in stock top quality COV2 solutions from low to high effectiveness qualities, that varies between 82% up tp 99.7%.

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