Access a global market of over 4.1 millions+ medical supplies B2B buyers worldwide.

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, and the high demand in medical supplies products of up to 52% in global market, Medical Linko Groups Corporation is opening its doors to all reliable manufacturers, suppliers and/or wholesalers to showcase their products ON MEDCALINK.COM TO REACH MILLIONS OF MEDICAL B2B BUYERS GLOBALLY.

Since the rise of CoronaVirus Pandemic in February 2020, MEdcalinkO have received a 52% increase in all medical supplies products shipped globally worth over $3.17 Trillion United States Dollars. While statistic shows the trend of medical supplies products will remain high in demand till 2023, we urge you to start selling your products on global market today and grow your business.

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Product inquiries daily

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Frequently asked questions

Will my product go live after I publish it?

No. Our product publishing admin, DR. Leo Beneditha will review your products submission, if they meet our manufacturer and/or wholesaler internal policy, then we can approve your product to go live, visible to MILLIONS OF B2B BUYERS GLOBALLY.

What are the Supplier plans of MEdcalinkO?

MEdcalinkO Seller Account Plans are simple based on PAYG (Pay-As-You-Go). Meaning you only pay per product; to publish a product cost $10/product per month.

For Example:
1 product ($10×12 months) = $120 per year.

NB: 99% of new suppliers gets a return of their $120/yr investments within the first week of trades only.

How many products can i publish per month?

This is solely dependent of your business goal and interest. However its good news to know we have no limits of the amount of products you can post per month on MEdcalinkO. Depending on your budget, you can publish unlimited products per day/month/year.

Where do buyers inquiries go?

Good question; despite MEdcalinkO being a standalone Manufacturer and Supplier. When it comes to Global Market where third parties manufacturers, suppliers and/or wholesalers showcase their products, MEdcalinkO has no control over buyers inquiries.

As such, all buyers inquiries go directly to sellers inquiry inbox, enabling you to manage your trade transactions from point of “inquiry” to port of “shipment”.

Grow your Business!

Should you need further help about MEdcalinkO supplier account, contact support or chat with a consultant now.